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Play Dough Jar Swirl

Play Dough Jar Swirl

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Little hands will love to roll, press and mold with these play dough jars full of color. Play dough jars are a great way to introduce kids to sensory play. Kids can mix, squeeze, roll, squish and sculpt the beautiful swirl play dough.

Our play dough is homemade and does not contain glitter as it is a micro plastic and in case of ingestion. We try and limit plastic where we can, we are not perfect but we try. Any glitter or shine you see is eco friendly and non-toxic. This combination of play dough jars does contain cinnamon, which makes the play dough smell amazing.


-Mermaid Swirl
-Jungle Swirl
-Earth Swirl
-Whimsical Swirl
-Sunny Swirl
-Unicorn Swirl
-Fairy Swirl
-Ocean Swirl

Each playdough jar contains 4 oz of 100% natural play dough. We do not add essential oils, glitter, etc. All yummy smells that come from the playdough is from seasonings like cinnamon

Ingredients in our eco Play Dough Jars: Flour, Salt, Water, Cream of Tartar, Oil. Some of our play dough colors we add seasonings such as cinnamon or tumeric)

Although our play dough is 100% natural, please do not allow indigestion.
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