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Natural Play Dough Jars

Natural Play Dough Jars

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You can't be a kid without play dough! These sensory kit playdough jars come with non-toxic play plough. Encourage kids to have fun while they develop their sensory skills. Children can squeeze, roll, squish, and sculpt their way to hours of fun. These handmade PLAY DOUGH JARS are a great way to get your kids engaged in imaginative play!

Our sensory play dough also make wonderful party favors. Treat your guests to custom party favors that can be enjoyed long after the party is over! These adorable sensory jars are wonderful as a party favors, goodie bags, stocking stuffers and much more.

-We do not add glitter in our play dough, as it is a micro plastic (in case of indigestion) and because it's bad for the environment. We try and limit plastic where we can, we are not perfect but we try :)

We offer a variety of play dough jar colors. We have a ton of fun trying out new colors.

The play dough jars are 8 oz and filled to the top.

Benefits of Play Dough sensory play:

-Wonderful for developing fine motor skills
-Play Dough can be very calming
-Promotes independent play
-Wonderful for quiet time
-Enhances hand-eye coordination
and much more

Ingredients in our eco Play Dough Jars: Flour, Salt, Water, Cream of Tartar, Oil. Some of our play dough colors we add seasonings such as cinnamon)

Although our play dough is 100% natural, please do not allow indigestion.


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