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Open Ended Toys

Mexican Inspired Peg Dolls

Mexican Inspired Peg Dolls

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Toys that children play with help to shape their world around them. Including diversity into your children's toys is very important and it's a great way of starting a conversation about different cultures around the world. These Mexican inspired peg dolls are made with so much love. I was inspired to make these by my own Mexican culture. The peg dolls are wonderful for open-ended play.

Peg dolls are 3.5 tall

Each peg doll is $15 as they time to make, but it's cheaper if you purchase more than one :)


****Although peg dolls are larger, we strongly believe young children should still be monitored during play. Almost anything can become a choking hazard and these peg dolls are no exception. Not intended for children that may put items in their mouth.

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